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Rory Mercury

Rory is a demigoddess of Tokuchi, the world beyond the gate. She serves under Emroy, god of darkness, death, crime, madness and war and is currently allied with Itami and the Third Recon Team.

Itami first encountered her after their departure from a nearby village. She is then immediately taken into battle with the Third Recon Team when they were faced off with the dragon that destroyed Tuka Luna Marceau's village. Rory helped in defeating the dragon with the team and was then taken in by them...


Latest Episode

Episode 10: Despair and Hope

  • Rory and Itami

A drunken Rory was about to kiss Itami, only to be interrupted by Itami's cell phone. She got irritated and leaves to find enemies. With joy, she began killing them. Once it all ended, she was the last standing. Itami ordered his team to pack up for departure.

They soon left and arrived in Ginza. With the help of Risa, Itami's ex-wife, America's agents couldn't kidnap them because of the crowd, but it led to there being a traffic. Itami chose to ditch the van they drove in, making Risa drive it somewhere. He made his farewell with her and left with Rory, Lelei, Tuka, Piña, Bozes, Shino and Akira to the gate.

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